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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning

We offer an equine assisted training workshop for behavioral health and equine professonals. Read previous participant's comments on this page. This is a training you won't want to miss. Sign up using the web form below to get notice about when these workshops will be offered again.



We currently offer 3 different training workshops all approved by NASW, NAADAC, and NBCC for CE contact hours. Brochures for the next dates will be printed soon. Sign up using the webform on this page to get notice of upcoming dates for professional training workshops. Training workshops have been rated excellent by participants. Read some of their comments below.

Judgment Calls & Calls Without Judgment - 2018 Dates TBD

Includes 3 hours of Ethics and 3 hours of Cultural Diversity

Space is very limited and early registration is strongly advised

Group Psychotherapy with Incest & Sexual Abuse Survivors - 2018 Dates TBD

Space is very limited and early registration is strongly advised.

Healing With Horsepower:

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Trauma Resolution - 2018 Dates TBD

 An experiential training workshop for behavioral health and equine professionals

We are really excited to be able to bring you this unique training opportunity where professionals will have the opportunity to engage in personal trauma resolution while learning valuable new skills utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for working with clients. The workshop is open to all behavioral  health  and equine professionals.

Comments from previous participants:

  • Liked time allowed to process what happened
  • Facilities were great
  • Appreciated variety of horses to work with
  • Superb workshop
  • Instructors’ skills and knowledge base impressive
  • Sensitivity to clients and participants needs and feelings outstanding
  • Excellent provisions of safety information, etc. (like helmets)
  • Great food, lots of chairs, all that stuff
  • This experience was very powerful for me.  Witnessing people work with the horses allowed me to reflect upon my own past equine therapy.  This allowed me to become fully grounded in my body.  I was able to feel my feelings and resolve more of my traumas just by watching others work.  Connecting with the horses has allowed me to know what “here” feels like.  It has forever changed my life and I am so grateful.
  • Good use of metaphors for use in therapy
  • Enjoyed the exercises and seeing how practical they are
  • Shannon and Faith are superb leaders and teachers.
  • Workshop organization, support and food excellent.
  • Experiential learning works best for me and this workshop excelled at this.
  • I felt relaxed and safe and inspired so I was very comfortable participating in this excellent learning experience
  • Hands on observation of client type experiences makes the techniques make sense and helps us understand when and how to use the techniques with our clients
  • I so appreciate both Shannon and Faith’s knowledge and abilities to “read” people and equines.  My experience at this training was powerful and healing in a very personal way.  Shannon and Faith protected my dignity in grieving and healing within this large group experience.  The horses were fantastic, and as always, the horses “stole the show” many times.  The personal touches and stories from Shannon and Faith were touching, uplifting and revealed them also as humans.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who has suffered trauma or loss.  Keep the work alive ladies this is phenomenal stuff.
  • Would like to see techniques to use specifically with children or people with special needs.
  • Needed more shade; got very hot
  • Thank you for putting this together
  • I found this workshop extremely interesting, informative and educational. 
  • This was a great experience.  I felt safe and comfortable sharing and participating in the activities.  It was fun and entertaining but educational and moving at the same time.  I connected so much with the horses and the other participants.
  • Excellent! Thank you.
  • I appreciate the experiential aspect (focus) along with theory.  I also appreciate the fact that you didn’t have hats/shirts, etc. and that in the beginning we didn’t sit and one up each other with titles and credentials.  No competition makes it safe.
  • Very reasonable fee
  • This has been a very wonderful experience.  I am eager and enthusiastic about this as a powerful modality for healing.  It was informative and fascinating!
  • Shannon has a therapeutic voice.  It was great to watch and learn her “therapy self”.  The questions that Faith used as well were helpful.  I feel that it was a great learning opportunity. 
  • I got more out of the workshop than I had planned that I can utilize in my own non-equine practice.  I have visual representations of some of my issues in my practice.
  • I would really benefit from more written material; even a list of ideas; more stories of using EAP.  You both play off each other very well.  Nice team work.  Thank you for all you shared.
  • This was more of a personal and emotional experience than I thought.  I liked how you worked with people in the clinic as an example.
  • You two have a great sense of humor.  Love it!
  • Both women were a pleasure to work with.  They are wonderful therapist and I would gladly work with them again.
  • This was an incredible experience.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your space with us.  I was thrilled to see this workshop.  Please offer more in the future.  Very engaging workshop.  Humor is important.  Thanks for modeling for us how to be present and how to work with trauma symptoms.  Thank you both again.
  • I am not a therapist, I am a horse person.  I have mostly avoided dealing with my own issues through therapy because I was afraid to confront them.  Being introduced to EAP is the first time that I know then not only would I be comfortable I would welcome the opportunity.  I’m sure that this had much to do with Shannon and Faith and the safety and empathy they engaged through the entire workshop.  Thank you so very much.

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